Coastal Home Inspectors offer you the professional and reliable Inspection Service at your doorstep. The house inspection is important everyone If you are going to selling your house, it’s a good plan to get ready for your home inspection. If your buyer is smart, they will want for Home Inspection first. It depends on where you live, it may be necessary or not either your buyer will for their own inspection. It doesn’t matter what are you doing, you have to prepare for the home inspection.

Home Inspection

Coastal Home Inspectors provides you the punctual inspection service. Time is a very important factor, especially for Home Inspection. So get up early in the morning when the home inspector came to your home for inspection. If the appointments for 9 A.M. be ready at 08:30 A.M

Home Inspection

Our Inspector usually starts their inspection from home’s exterior. If you have anything in your home exterior like clothes or other thing remove it from there, before inspector coming. We always prefer to provide professional home inspection services to our customers. On the day of the inspection doesn’t be shocked if you see a strange person that is in your yard

Professional Inspection Service

We provide the professional inspection services for the house inspection. With our professional Home Inspection Service, you will get all your house flaws. Our Licensed inspectors always first analysis your all house systems than explain you about the flaws of the house that you fix later. For your peace of mind, it’s important to understand everything about the house. which you are going to purchase. Our inspections service is designed to cover all major areas and system in the home. Purchasing a house is one of the biggest investments you do. House inspection should be planned earlier after reaching a written purchase agreement with the seller. Most real estate purchase agreements include a section making the purchase face on a home inspection.

Our Home Inspection service is better than other service providers. Whenever you planed for inspection Neat and clean your house first if you want to do home inspection service timely. Help the inspector and give her any information which he wants about the inspection. Show all the map of your house to the inspector. The map will help out where to start and how to start. In this way, you can save you and your inspector time.

Economical Services

Our Home Inspection services are most economical than other inspection companies. If you finding cost-effective inspection service then you will find Coastal Home Inspectors. The minimum price for house inspection service is approximately 350$. Inspection Price of the small house under 1000 sq ft is around 250$. Larger homes over 2,000 sq ft inspection cost are around 450$ or more. Home inspection prices are not fixed, its depend upon the condition and size of a home. Radon and Mold testing will increase your inspection cost extra. But if you purchase it with the complete inspection, it will cost less.

House Inspection Services

The Home Inspection service which we are providing for our customer is listed below. You can easily check what type of service you want for your home inspection.

  • Foundation
  • Fireplaces
  • Roof
  • Plumbing
  • Appliances
  • Attic
  • Electrical system
  • HVAC system
  • The general interior & exterior

There are a lot of different inspection services for the home according to its condition. These are the basic inspection point which Coastal Home Inspectors provides to their clients. We always prefer competitive services for our clients.

Why us?

Coastal Home Inspectors feels pleasure in the services which we offer to our customers. We provide the licensed and cost-effective Home Inspection service to our customers. Our staff is honest and loyal with professional training and experience. We always make sure that the inspection services which we offer to you are best and effective than other inspection companies.