Roof Warranty Inspection


Do you have a roof warranty that is about to expire? Please consider the following:

The cost of roof inspection is almost always cheaper than the cost of repair outside of warranty.

Many roof leaks start over the eaves, without any warning to the occupants that the roof has already started to fail.

A roof leak can quickly damage sheathing and framing, drywall, cause mold growth inside of a home, and other forms of flood-related damage that is almost never covered by a roof warranty.

A leaky roof could pose a fire threat from shorted wires.

Our roof inspections consist of:

  • Thermal Imaging of the interior of the home to look for leaks that haven’t discolored the drywall yet.
  • Outside inspection of the roof from eaves if it is a tile or metal roof, with use of a drone to check any areas not visible from the eaves. We will typically walk shingle roofs.
  • Attic inspections-this is where we earn our money vs our competitors- We will climb through the attic with a cold vest on to allow us to safely stay longer, and document any existing leaks that are accessible.

Your inspection will be performed by an owner-typically two owners-and the average roof inspection takes one hour.  We put our many years of inspection experience to work for you.

Please call at (239) 707-6471 with any questions and to book your appointment.

Rob& Chris

Rob and Chris have performed thousands of roof Inspections in Lee and Collier counties.