Fort Myers House Inspectors

Coastal Home Inspectors have performed well over 1000 Home inspections with customer reliability in Southwest Florida. As highly trained professionals with years of experience, we will turn you into an informed homeowner. Fort Myers House Inspectors utilize the most advanced home inspection software on our smart devices to bring you an inspection report that will give you a detailed condition of each item inspected.

This report will be sent to you on the same day as the inspection is finished. Fort Myers House Inspectors proudly serves home inspections, condo inspections, and all other suburban inspection services in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Spring, Lehigh Acres, Naples, and surrounding areas.

What Happens During Home Inception?

A home inspection is critically important whether you’re buying, building, or selling a home. Coastal Home Inspectors Safeguard your family against life-threatening Dangers. We know you can’t believe just anybody with your most precious asset. When you work with Fort Myers House Inspectors you can rest assured that your home has received the attention that only a specialized home inspector brings to the home inspection process. During our Home inspection we check different things some of them are as follows;

Interior and Exterior

Our inspection will cover your house from crest to trough, inside and out, to make sure that your home is secure, stable, and in perfect condition.  We begin by snooping observable components, including floors, ceilings, walls, windows, doors, and other entering. Our inspectors will check the house wrap, sidings, counter-flashing, flashing, underlayment, roof sheeting, and roof covering material. All fireplaces will be verified, along with smoke detectors and other safety items in the home.  We will examine your structure from the roof to the foundations in search of problems that could be a problem for inhabitants.

Roof and Loft With HVAC

Fort Myers House Inspectors pay special attention to checking the roof which includes attic structure, attic ventilation, and its insulation, chimney flashing, roof gutters, siding masonry, walk drives, stairs, doors, foundation, grading drainage, garage, and floors. Our company goal is to provide thermal soothe and suitable indoor air quality. This could include inspection of a furnace or boiler, heat distribution, fireplace, heating system, water heating plumbing, and many other things.


Once all the visible components of the home have been thoroughly inspected, our House Inspectors move on to the elements that make up the backbone of your home, YES! It is the plumbing and electrical systems.  Our qualified home inspectors examine and test toilets, sinks, showers, Air conditions leakage, wall and window leaks, door leaks, and drainage to make sure everything is working, as well as test water pressure.  Electrical switches and outlets will be checked and, circuits, wiring and junctions, breakers, fuse, and many other visible items to give you a complete and reliable report. We also offer Wind Mitigation, Four Point Inspections, Termite, Mold, and many other services.

Fort Myers House Inspectors

Inspection Report

After completing the inception by the Coastal Home Inspectors team an all-purpose home inspection report shall be produced, in a written format that will show defects within detailed systems and mechanisms defined by these principles by the examiner. Inspection reports may contain further comments and recommendations according to the inception, for the safety of the home as well as the family.

Why Hire Fort Myers House Inspectors?

No one can refute the importance of Home Inspection services House Inspectors of Fort Myers is the best inspection company in town with experienced inspectors who gives complete and satisfactory reports. We trusted by our clients for many years.  Our vision is to provide the most outstanding service in the industry. We believe in respect, cooperation, modernization, responsibility, and self-discipline. Some of our points that differ us from others are

  • Your Inspector will be one of the owners of the Fort Myers House Inspection company.
  • We are long-term residents providing the best results.
  • We use advanced reporting and diagnostic software.
  • We will treat your work as if it was our own.
  • We provide inceptions at affordable rates.