When it is the matter of getting a professional home inspection service in Fort Myers then Coastal Home Inspectors is the best option for you. We provide you with a thorough and professional Fort Myers Home Inspection at an affordable price. We understand that you are investing a big amount of money in your home that’s why we advise you to always get a home inspection service before buying your selected home. We provide you with our qualified and professionally trained home inspectors who inspect your home with great care. We provide you with both pre-sale and pre-purchase home inspection services. So never take a risk when it is a matter of buying a defect-free home.

Our Services

Coastal Home Inspectors is the most reliable and trusted home inspection company in Fort Myers. We have gained this trust because of our excellent work and experience in this field. We inspect your home from its all exteriors as well as interiors to get a clear view of its conditions. Our Fort Myers Home Inspection of your home includes inspection of roofs, doors, floors, windows, balconies, all the rooms, kitchen, and all structural elements of your home. We are experts at inspecting all systems of your home like the drainage system, insulation system, heating system, electrical system and electrical appliances, and many other important systems. We have all the necessary and latest tools that are needed to inspect all these things.

Fort Myers Home Inspection

Importance Of Home Inspection

It is in your best interest to get your home inspected because it will protect you from buying a money pit. A thorough home inspection tells you the real worth of your selected home. When you are buying a home in Fort Myers a thorough and professional Fort Myers Home Inspection gives you a reality check of the condition of the home in which you’re interested in buying. It will tell you the characteristics and specifications of the home and the durability of its structures. A home that is looking very pretty from its exterior can have many hidden flaws like a leaking roof, rusted pipes, or a major structural flaw. But if get it inspected before buying you can not only save your money but also your precious time will be saved.

Fort Myers Home Inspection

When we come for your home’s inspection we come fully pre-paired and with a strategy of inspecting your home. Our planning depends on the type and area of your home. We take 4-5 hours in completing the inspection process of your home. If you want to see the process of inspection you’re most welcome. In fact, in this way, you will get a better understanding of your home’s systems. You can also clear your concerns about anything in your home by asking questions to our home inspectors.

Our Home Inspection Report

Coastal Home Inspectors will provide you with a comprehensive home inspection report based on our findings of the defects and faults in the home. it is a very easy-to-read home inspection report with digital images of the defected or damaged areas included in it. We also give you useful tips in our home inspection report about the future maintenance of the home’s structures and systems.

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